Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introduction to Ubikwiti

Ubikwiti is a low-cost, high-value SaaS and PaaS solution that offers small/medium businesses easy-to-use on-demand business and personal applications. The Ubikwiti platform offers application templates to adapt to personal requirements; do-it-yourself configuration and customization tools; and the ability to modify/add application functionality as business or personal needs change – at any time, on the fly, with no down time.

It is built on top of the Ubikwiti ecosystem below.

At the core, is our primary innovation, the Definition-based Dynamic Engine (DDE), which consists of code factories that take in business components defined in XML and execute them on-the-fly as dynamic business applications. The XML business component defines the business rules & policies, business processes, presentation and storage in loosely coupled design. In DDE, the business components can be easily added, removed or customized (using our DIY-GUI and DIY-Configuration toolkits) at runtime by end-users themselves.

On top of the DDE is the U-Kwikshop, our Apple iTunes App Store-like business component marketplace. With AccTrak21's 15 years experience in SMB business applications (AccTrak21 is the management and development team for Ubikwiti who developed and supplied total accounting office software to ATX II Inc, and H&R Blocks) and our active involvement in industry standard organization like OAGIS, we have developed and published close to 100 business components to the U-Kwikshop for user to add functionalities to their application whenever their needs arise. With those business components, we have already prefabricated about 10 application templates to ease the work of SMB to assemble dynamic business applications tailors to their own business needs. We also prefabricated a few personal application templates for non-business users.

At top are the Ubikwiti targeted markets. Besides aggressively marketing to end-users, we also work on tapping into the networks of the key players in the respective sectors. We have released our Facebook platform application - Personal Expenses to these 200 million users network (thanks to SOA and Web 2.0 which makes the development so much easier); PayCycle import component for PayCycle payroll users; Online retailer template with POS Receipts component to integrate with online shopping cart. We are also working on other online collaboration networks such as Google, Skype, Myspace, WebEx, Open Social and so on.

Below the DDE is our Application Development Kit for independent developers and ISVs to quickly develop their own business components or application templates to be marketed into the U-Kwikshop. ISVs and independent developers can leverage Ubikwiti platform to provide vertical market solution or customize the components for different territories or users.

Even though we started the Ubikwiti with IBM technology (WebSphere Application Server, DB2, Rapid Application Developer) under the IBM Teaming Agreement that helped us on SOA compliant, we are currently hosting the Ubikwiti in Amazon EC2 running on Sun's stack (OpenSolaris, Glassfish, MySQL, NetBeans) as the whole platform are architected using the open standards such as EJB, JavaScript, AJAX, SDO, SOAP, WSDL.

We are currently focusing on the cloud-computing model, but Ubikwiti is ready for on-premise customers too. We had been validated on bundling and deploying with IBM Express Runtime by IBM Innovation Center.

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